Selecting Elders

A Pastors’ and Theologians’ Forum on Selecting Elders

By B. Keisling, E. Roberts, F. Catherwood, J. MacArthur, M. Lawrence, P. Newton, T. R. Schreiner | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 1) | 03.01.2010

A Pastors’ and Theologians’ Forum:

What lessons have you learned the hard way in selecting elders?

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Looking For A Few Good Men

By M. Dever, P. Alexander | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 1) | 02.26.2010

Life experience alone does not qualify a man as an elder.

Unbelief in an Elder’s Children — Exegesis

By Justin Taylor | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 1) | 02.26.2010

May a man have children who are unbelievers and yet be appointed or continue as an elder?

Unbelief in an Elder’s Children — Practice

By Matt Schmucker | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 1) | 02.26.2010

Can you envision a scenario in which your child’s unbelief would disqualify you?

Installing Elders

Electing Elders

By Burk Parsons | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 1) | 03.01.2010

Crucial to the gospel ministry of shepherding the sheep of our Chief Shepherd is identifying those from among the flock whom God has gifted to serve as shepherds.

Should Elders Be Ordained?

By Benjamin Merkle | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 1) | 02.26.2010

To rightfully be a “pastor” (or deacon) is to be “ordained” in the sense of being publicly installed into that office.

Elder Vows Sample

9Marks | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 1) | 02.26.2010

When Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC installs a new elder, the following vows will be recited during the Sunday morning service between an elder, the elder(s) being confirmed, and the congregation. These vows will also be printed in the church bulletin in their entirety. [To the elder(s) being confirmed] 1. Do you reaffirm your […]

Book Review: The Multi-Site Church Revolution

Review by John Hammett | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 1) | 03.06.2010

Much of what this book contains can be transferred to a church planting model, thus accomplishing many of the same goals and relieving many of the troubling ecclesiological questions.

Book(s) Review: This Little Church . . . Went to Market & Stayed Home, by Gary Gilley

Review by Flynn Cratty | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 1) | 03.06.2010

In the end, this emphasis on the Bible as the norm for life and doctrine is the most helpful thing in these two books.

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