How is 9Marks Funded?

9Marks depends on the donations of churches and individuals who understand the strategic nature of equipping pastors and leaders with a biblical vision of the local church, and will commit to it. We are grateful for the generosity of all our supporters.

For those who are able to give a gift of at least $300 a year, you’ll become a 9Marks Partner and will receive a new Leadership Interview CD each month and two books each year that we recommend to build healthy churches. If you would like more information about partnering with 9Marks, we’d love to talk to you about how you can be a part of this vital work. Please feel free to contact us at our office in Washington, DC toll-free on 888-543-1030 or email us at Thank you for considering partnering with us as we seek to help churches reflect the character of God, for our good and his glory.

“Seven years out of seminary and into a local church, I was preaching the Bible and the church was growing. Yet I struggled to understand what the church was supposed to be and do. I read the best-selling books from famous churches, but something was missing. 9Marks directed me instead to the Bible and helped me understand God’s plan for local congregations. How liberating for pastors simply to trust God’s Word and stay faithful to God’s blueprint!” –Jeramie Rinne, Senior Pastor, South Shore Baptist Church