Five Lessons after 30 Years of Pastoring in Zambia

By Conrad Mbewe | 09.20.2017

I have neither felt underutilized nor overburdened. I am neither bored nor burnt-out. I am only grateful.

How can a young man work towards the qualifications of a pastor?

By Garrett Kell | 09.19.2017

Whether or not a man desires to pastor, he should pursue pastoral qualifications because they describe lives that honor and bring God glory.

How can church planters and pastors get ministry done when they don’t have a lot of money?

By Brian Davis | 09.05.2017

Biblically speaking, most ministry is free.

What’s the best advice you’ve received about pastoral ministry?

By Brad Wheeler | 08.31.2017

Pastor, resist the temptation to love the church that’s ahead of you rather than the one that’s before you right now.

4 Lies that Cause Pastors to Neglect their Families

By Jaime Owens | 08.25.2017

Among young pastors and church planters, there’s no less than a deluge of pressure to give every waking moment to our churches, to the neglect of our families. But brothers, it should never be so.

How Quickly Should A Pastor Change Things?

By Aaron Menikoff | 08.22.2017

How quickly should a pastor try to change things? Well, it depends. . .

Advice for the Burnt-Out Pastor

By Mez McConnell | 08.10.2017

At the top of the list: Keep your walk with Jesus your primary objective.

“What Do You Want?”: Pastoral Reflections on Faithfulness

By Aaron Menikoff | 08.07.2017

We may share the gospel a thousand times, and never see a convert. It’s our job to be faithful. The rest is up to God.

Be Strong and Courageous, Young Leader

By Thabiti Anyabwile | 08.05.2017

Loving Your Family While Leading God’s Church

By Garrett Kell | 08.04.2017

Caring for God’s Flock

By Brian Davis | 08.04.2017

Beware the Dangers of Pragmatism

By Thomas White | 08.04.2017

Grace without Compromise

By Nathan Knight | 08.04.2017

Thinking Through the Missionary’s Influence in a New Church

By Scott Williamson | 08.04.2017

What role should cross-cultural church planters play in a new church plant?

What kind of authority do pastors have?

By Brian Davis | 08.03.2017

A pastor’s authority is real, godly, and limited according to the Bible.