Aaron Menikoff

Book Review: Workers for Your Joy, by David Mathis

Review by Aaron Menikoff | 01.09.2023

It’s far too easy to wait for a crisis to pay attention to your pastor. Mathis shows us a better way.

How to Have a Well-Run Elders’ Meeting

By Aaron Menikoff | 9Marks Journal: The Pastor and Church Administration | 09.30.2022

What can we do to make elders’ meetings excellent?

The State of the SBC

By A. Menikoff, D. Akin, J. Leeman, M. Dever, M. Chandler, O. Johnson | 07.12.2022

9Marks at 9: The State of the SBC. A discussion with Mark Dever, Danny Akin,  Matt Chandler, Aaron Menikoff, Jonathan Leeman, and Omar Johnson. 

Why the Heavenly Minded Do the Most Earthly Good (with Aaron Menikoff) | Journal Talk

By A. Menikoff, J. Leeman | 01.28.2021

Jonathan chats with Aaron Menikoff about his article from the recent Journal on Heaven, in which he argues that the heavenly minded ought to do the most earthly good.

Thank God for the “Pie in the Sky”: Why the Heavenly Minded Do the Most Earthly Good

By Aaron Menikoff | 9Marks Journal: Heaven: Rejoicing in Future Glory | 12.22.2020

The older I get, the more I long for heaven. But this longing isn’t tempting me to curl up on the couch, cover my eyes, and simply wait for this terrible world to go away.

Journal Talk, Episode 2: Why Should Pastors Care about Their Holiness?

By A. Menikoff, J. Leeman | 9Marks Journal: Shepherding: The Work & Character of a Pastor | 08.13.2020

In this conversation, Jonathan Leeman chats with Aaron Menikoff about his article, and why pastors of all people must care about their personal holiness.

Book Review: Saturate, by Jeff Vanderstelt

Review by Aaron Menikoff | 07.23.2020

The gathered church equips saints to be in the world evangelizing the lost. A scattered church engages unbelievers and points them to the unique beauty of the Christian assembly. Confused roles compromise the church’s ability to fulfill the Great Commission.

Why Should Pastors Care About Their Holiness?

By Aaron Menikoff | 9Marks Journal: Shepherding: The Work & Character of a Pastor | 06.30.2020

Brother pastor, do you care about holiness? Please don’t give up caring. Be vigilant. Soldier on against your sin from this day to the day of your death.

Episode 127: On Character Matters (with Aaron Menikoff)

By A. Menikoff, J. Leeman, M. Dever | 05.12.2020

More than anything, God expects pastors to be faithful. An overflowing auditorium and an efficient church is no substitute for personal holiness.

How Can We Care for Our Older & At-Risk Members?

By Aaron Menikoff | 05.01.2020

This pandemic should not be squandered. While we’re all stuck at home, let’s minister to our homebound members with renewed vigor.  

Must You Share the Gospel in Every Sermon? Invitation Without the Altar Call

By Aaron Menikoff | 9Marks Journal: What's Wrong With Gospel-Centered Preaching Today? | 03.31.2020

Sometimes the road to Christ is wider, and sometimes it’s narrower. But it’s always there, and the faithful preacher will call believers and unbelievers alike to repentance and faith whenever the Book is opened.

Pastors & Patience

By Aaron Menikoff | 01.15.2020

Pastor, the best way for you to cultivate patience is to realize your life is more than your pastoral ministry.

Pastoring in a City Full of Mega-Churches

Pastoring in a City Full of Mega-Churches

By Aaron Menikoff | 09.12.2019

Why is pastoring in a city full of mega-churches both a blessing and a challenge? Aaron Menikoff explains.

Book Review: You Found Me, by Rick Richardson

Review by Aaron Menikoff | 08.08.2019

You Found Me provides some healthy directives to churches which have grown stagnant in their evangelism. His book also left me with several important questions for Richardson that discerning readers need to consider.

Mailbag #86: Considering the Danger, Should Muslim-Background Believers Be Baptized . . . My Friends Who Want to Be Pastors Think Polity Is Boring. How Can I Help Them?

By A. Menikoff, A. Duty | 07.12.2019

— Should we encourage Muslim-background believers to be baptized, even when it endangers their lives? — My friends want to be pastors. But they have no interest in polity. How can I help them see its importance?