What is the most common temptation for a pastor building a church?

By Mack Stiles | 12.20.2017

Pastoral burnout happens when we think we can build a church ourselves, when we’re trusting ourselves and not the Lord.

What fruits have you seen for practicing membership & discipline?

What fruits have you seen for practicing membership & discipline?

By Aaron Menikoff | 12.13.2017

Over time, the careful practice of membership and discipline should make church members feel safe and well-protected.

Knowing when it’s time to leave a church

By Juan Sanchez | 12.06.2017

How do you know when it’s time to leave a church? Juan Sanchez has some advice.

What does a healthy church look like?

By Mark Dever | 12.05.2017

Watch this video for Mark Dever’s answer to that important question.

Why is a membership directory a pastor’s second most important book?

By Garrett Kell | 11.29.2017

Besides the Bible, a membership directory is a pastor’s most important book. But why?

How can a pastor cultivate the discipline of personal evangelism?

By Mack Stiles | 11.22.2017

How can pastors cultivate the discipline of personal evangelism?

Why and how do we sing to one other?

By Matt Merker | 11.15.2017

We all understand that our singing during our gatherings is for God. But do we also think about how we’re supposed to sing to each other?

How do you raise up leaders in your church? | Ken Mbugua

How do you raise up leaders in your church?

By Ken Mbugua | 11.08.2017

Pastors, you don’t have to wait until you feel like your church is mature before you start intentionally raising up leaders.

Must every Christian be a member of a local church?

By Brian Davis | 11.01.2017

It’s completely foreign to the Bible for a Christian not to want to be a part of a local church.

How should I share the gospel with a Roman Catholic?

By Sugel Michelén | 10.25.2017

Do we confront the differences between Protestants and Catholics head-on? Sugel Michelen answers.

What Is the Difference Between Protestantism & Roman Catholicism?

By Sugel Michelén | 10.18.2017

In Roman Catholicism, God does not receive all the glory because man has a crucial role to play in his salvation.

How should churches help other churches in their communities?

By Brad Wheeler | 10.11.2017

Churches should cooperate, not compete.

Leadership – Mark Dever | Session 1 — 9Marks at Southeastern 2017

By Mark Dever | 10.04.2017

Looking for a pastor? Here’s how Mark Dever suggests churches might resist common wisdom in their search for a good one.

How does preaching look in your context?

By Mez McConnell | 10.04.2017

The ways we preach in our community might be frowned upon in most seminaries or places that teach you how to “preach correctly.” We’re serious about the Word but have a much more relaxed style.

Leadership – Jeramie Rinne | Session 2 — 9Marks at Southeastern 2017

By Jeramie Rinne | 10.04.2017

Jeramie Rinne’s session at the 9Marks at Southeastern Conference, which aims to equip church leaders with a biblical vision and practical resources for displaying God’s glory to the nations through healthy churches. (Also available on iTunes.)