How should a worship service be ordered?

By Matt Merker | 09.07.2017

Preach the Bible, read the Bible, pray the Bible, sing the Bible, and see the Bible.

How can church planters and pastors get ministry done when they don’t have a lot of money?

By Brian Davis | 09.05.2017

Biblically speaking, most ministry is free.

What’s the best advice you’ve received about pastoral ministry?

By Brad Wheeler | 08.31.2017

Pastor, resist the temptation to love the church that’s ahead of you rather than the one that’s before you right now.

What do baptism and the Lord’s Supper have to do with the corporate gathering?

By Juan Sanchez | 08.29.2017

Baptism implies the local church gathering. It’s an act in which both the church *and* the new believer participate.

The Difference Between a Planter & Revitalizer

By Garrett Kell | 08.24.2017

God calls all of us to impossible things. So if he calls you to something, he’ll equip you with exactly what you need to do it.

How Quickly Should A Pastor Change Things?

By Aaron Menikoff | 08.22.2017

How quickly should a pastor try to change things? Well, it depends. . .

Healthy churches are an antidote to the prosperity gospel

By Ken Mbugua | 08.17.2017

If Africa were filled with healthy churches, the prosperity gospel would not be wrecking us the way that it is now.

What are the greatest needs in missions today?

By Mack Stiles | 08.15.2017

Three problems facing missions today: —a misunderstanding of the gospel —a misunderstanding of the church —a misunderstanding of the “call”

Advice for the Burnt-Out Pastor

By Mez McConnell | 08.10.2017

At the top of the list: Keep your walk with Jesus your primary objective.

What’s the Goal of a Music Ministry?

By Matt Merker | 08.08.2017

The goal of a music ministry is to accompany, facilitate, and enhance the singing of the people of God. In this sense, everyone in the church is part of the choir.

15 Ways to Cultivate a Gospel-Centered Church

By Mark Dever | 08.05.2017

Be Strong and Courageous, Young Leader

By Thabiti Anyabwile | 08.05.2017

Loving Your Family While Leading God’s Church

By Garrett Kell | 08.04.2017

Take Heart: Preaching to Encourage

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.04.2017

Preaching and Practicing Repentance

By John Onwuchekwa | 08.04.2017