Jamie Dunlop

Content Isn’t Everything — Or, Some Help for the Boring Bible Teacher

By Jamie Dunlop | 10.21.2019

Here are three reasons why content isn’t everything—and four strategies to avoid boring teaching

Jamie Dunlop Budgeting for Healthy Churches

8 Lessons about Church Budgets

By Jamie Dunlop | 08.28.2019

The overarching goal of a church budget is faithfulness, not funds.

Church Budgeting podcast

Episode 82: On How Your Budget is a Spiritual Issue (with Jamie Dunlop)

By J. Dunlop, J. Leeman | 04.02.2019

If you want to see your church move toward health, the church budget has to move toward health.

Mailbag #79: How Should Vocational Pastors Approach Their Own Giving to the Church? . . . How Do Deacons Relate to Elders?

By J. Dunlop, J. de Koning | 03.29.2019

— Should vocational ministers tithe? Should a church then count on 10% of that staff member’s salary toward the budget? — Are deacons there just to “do what they’re told” by the elders? Should deacons be used as a means to develop future elders?

Should Elders Insist on Unanimity?

By Jamie Dunlop | 10.28.2018

We should value trust more highly than agreement.

Episode 50 - On Associate Pastors

Episode 50: On the Role of Associate Pastors

By B. Jamieson, J. Dunlop, J. Leeman | 05.01.2018

In this episode of Pastors’ Talk, Jonathan Leeman sits down with pastors Jamie Dunlop and Bobby Jamieson to discuss their roles, and how their work complements Mark’s as the senior pastor. 

The Compelling Community: What to Do Next?

By Jamie Dunlop | 08.04.2016

Periodically, pastors read The Compelling Community, and then ask us where to start in putting its ideas into practice. Here are three thoughts for your consideration.

Book Review: Word-Filled Women’s Ministry, ed. by Gloria Furman and Kathleen Nielson

Review by Jamie Dunlop | 10.16.2015

This book reshapes our view of “women’s ministry” toward a more biblical “ministry among women” for which we should all be deeply thankful.

Compelling Community—A Conversation with Mark Dever & Jamie Dunlop

By J. Dunlop, J. Leeman, M. Dever | 05.21.2015

If God the Holy Spirit left your church this weekend, what would happen next?

Should Churches Monitor Members’ Giving?

By Jamie Dunlop | 08.22.2014

Shouldn’t we use our ability to track our members’ giving to help shepherd them? I’d say no. Here’s why.

When Is Pragmatism Prudent?

By Jamie Dunlop | 9Marks Journal: Is Scripture Enough? | 07.16.2013

Finding the boundary between commands and sanctified common sense.

Pastoring the Wrongly Ambitious

By Jamie Dunlop | 9Marks Journal: Pastoring Christians for the Workplace | 03.08.2013

As Christians, we are called to be ambitious for Christ, yet many seem ambitious only for the things of this world. How can you pastor them?

Church Mercy Ministry as Integrated Auxiliary

By Jamie Dunlop | 9Marks Journal: Mercy Ministry in the Church | 06.26.2012

If a mercy ministry in your church grows to the point where it needs some real structure, consider making it an “integrated auxiliary.”

The “Regulated Free Market” Approach to Mercy Ministry

By Jamie Dunlop | 9Marks Journal: Mercy Ministry in the Church | 06.26.2012

When it comes to mercy ministry in the church, both the programmed and the organic approaches have their limitations. Here is a third way.

Sunday School for Dummies: How to Use and Develop New Teachers

By Jamie Dunlop | 9Marks Journal: Don't Be Too Cool for Sunday School | 12.19.2011

Do you have more teaching slots for adult Sunday School programs than you have teachers to fill them? If so, commit to the training of more men to teach.

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