International Efforts

9Marks exists to see God’s glory spread through flourishing, healthy churches in Serbia, Singapore, San Francisco and around the world.

Hub Churches

It’s pretty simple. We get behind key international churches and help them fulfill the vision for building healthy churches described in the book of Acts.

The book of Acts shows us that building healthy churches is the best way to fulfill the Great Commission. Disciples from the church in Jerusalem scattered and planted other churches. They made disciples who, in turn, partnered with one another to plant still more. And the gospel spread.

9Marks’ strategy is the same: we partner with faithful international churches and trusted local partners to create resources, facilitate networks, and host events that will equip, train, mentor, and mobilize pastors to build healthy churches.


We believe the same elements ought to characterize every healthy church across the globe. Adapting these elements to each context, however, is a complex task requiring pastoral wisdom and discernment. For this reason, we began the International Intensive in Washington, D.C. The goal of this course is to couple biblical and theological study with practical observations of healthy church life. We challenge participants to think biblically about the various practices of their congregations.

We also send speakers to international trainings and help organize intensives, conferences, and discipleship events alongside our global partners. Our goal is to lay a foundation so that in time  our global partners can run and sponsor these events themselves, supported by other indigenous ministries, publishers and speakers. We have seen this cycle come full circle in several countries already and the fruit is remarkable.

Translated Resources

9Marks partners closely with international ministries, churches, and publishers to create a variety of practical, biblical resources that equip local pastors and church members for the work of ministry. We help with translation, local printing, and posting resources online for language speakers worldwide. Purchase links and many free downloads for translated books, journals, core seminars, and videos can be found on our Translations Page. You can read more about our international vision here.

“There are thousands of Churches in Nepal by God’s grace, and thousands more growing rapidly. But unfortunately, most of the churches’ bookshelves are predominated by heretical and self-help books. With God’s help, I saw the need and took the initiative to do something. And, that gave birth to Gospel Publication.”

written by a pastor in Nepal after an internship with one of our hub churches in Dubai

International Websites

9Marks’ international language websites are online resource banks where church members, pastors, and leaders around the world can find practical tools for ministry. The content on each of these websites is curated by our international partners and is designed to connect you with their ministries.