David King

How (Not) to Preach the Pentateuch

By David King | 9Marks Journal: What's Wrong With Gospel-Centered Preaching Today? | 03.31.2020

If you’ve ever preached from any of these books, you know they can be challenging. What follows are five pitfalls to avoid.

Mailbag #80: Should Pastors Discuss Past Sins? . . . Should Believers Ever Abstain from Communion? . . . Conducting Membership Interviews for Single Women

By D. King, J. Joseph, M. McKinley | 04.12.2019

— How much should a pastor share about past sins? — When should believer’s abstain from the Lord’s Supper? — Should women do membership interviews for single women?

3 Reasons You Should Preach through the Psalms

By David King | 09.20.2018

It’s been said that all of life with God is expressed in the Psalms. That’s true, and your people need the comprehensive discipleship course found in this book. Our own souls need it, too.

A Gospel-Centered Sermon is a Gospel-Shining Sermon

By David King | 9Marks Journal: Expositional Preaching | 06.18.2015

What exactly does “gospel-centered” mean in expositional preaching?

Book Review: The Imperative of Preaching, by John Carrick

Review by David King | 9Marks Journal: Church and Churches | 03.28.2013

If you love biblical theology, if preaching in light of redemptive history is your jet fuel, if the gospel is life to you and not just a trendy buzzword, then you really need to read this book.

Why Must We Preach Expositionally?

By David King | 02.26.2010

In light of what Scripture says about preachers and preaching, who would want to argue that an expository approach to preaching is anything less than a necessity?

Moving Toward Meaningful Membership

By David King | 02.26.2010

Hebrews 13:17 haunts me.