Caleb Morell

When Did Multiple Services Begin?

By Caleb Morell | 12.20.2023

Before adopting a new practice, churches should always ask: what impact would this have on the church if continued indefinitely?

On Why a Biblical Understanding and Practice of Prayer Matters in Missions, with Caleb Morell and Jordan Wolfe (Missions Talk, Ep. 9)

By C. Morell, J. Mack Stiles, J. Wolfe, R. Robertson | 02.16.2023

In this episode of Missions Talk, Ryan Robertson and Mack Stiles talk about the importance of biblical understanding and practice of prayer in the mission field.

How Did ‘Church Planting Movements’ Gain a Foothold Within the IMB?  

By Caleb Morell | 10.06.2022

In his book Strategy Coordinator: Changing the Course of Southern Baptist Missions, R. Bruce Carlton sets out to provide a historical analysis of what he considers the most significant shift within the strategy of the International Mission Board since its inception in 1845.

Do Elders Receive Their Authority by Congregational Vote?

By Caleb Morell | 08.19.2022

Is the congregation, by affirming an elder through congregational vote, conferring authority upon him or simply recognizing him as a God-given gift to the congregation? 

How Harry Emerson Fosdick’s ‘Open Membership’ Overtook the Northern Baptist Convention

By Caleb Morell | 08.01.2022

For conservatives, baptism was not a subjective reality to be left to the conscience of every church and every individual, but an actual command of Christ that they had no liberty to disobey. If Jesus commanded his disciples to baptize only believers by immersion, what authority did they have to edit Jesus? 

What’s Wrong with Us? Revival vs. Revivalism

By B. Lacey, C. Morell, D. Hodge, J. Leeman, M. Dever, P. Newton | 07.12.2022

Mark Dever, Jonathan Leeman, and friends discuss Revival vs. Revivalism, a conversation about two different ways of doing ministry today.

Revival Comes to Washington: An Analysis of the 1876 Revival in the Nation’s Capital

By Caleb Morell | 9Marks Journal: Pursuing Revival While Avoiding Revivalism | 06.14.2022

In 1876, Washington churches partnered together to host a 105-day-long revival meeting in the National Capital. This event illustrates the extent to which modern revivalism impacted American evangelicalism.

“Finney with a Twist”: Elder Jacob Knapp and the Origins of Baptist Revivalism

By Caleb Morell | 9Marks Journal: Pursuing Revival While Avoiding Revivalism | 06.14.2022

Pastors need to understand that a change occurred among American Baptists in the nineteenth century. This change has shaped our intuitions about conversion, membership, baptism, and what it means to practice regenerate church membership.

Book Review: Truth or Territory, by Jim Osman

Review by Caleb Morell | 05.19.2022

What is “strategic-level spiritual warfare,” and how is it making inroads in missions and local churches today? 

Do Churches Really Discipline for Non-Attendance? A Brief History of Four Baptist Churches

By Caleb Morell | 01.21.2022

Baptists disciplined for non-attendance because they believed attendance was part of the covenant obligations of church membership. Here’s a brief history.

On Pastoral Ministry in Post-Christian Sweden (with Johnny Lithell, Ben Lacey, and Caleb Morell) | Pastors Talk, Ep. 192

By B. Lacey, C. Morell, J. Lithell, M. Dever | 12.14.2021

Mark Dever, Caleb Morell, and Ben Lacey chat with Swedish pastor Johnny Lithell about the ups and downs of ministry in a place with so few Christians. 

Too Young to Dunk? An Examination of Baptists and Baptismal Ages, 1700–1840

By Caleb Morell | 06.21.2021

These days, it’s common for people to get baptized at 10 or younger. This is true across many credo-baptist traditions, but perhaps especially so among Baptists. How does our current … keep reading…

Baptists and Calvinism: Lessons from Sprague’s Annals of the American Baptist Pulpit

By Caleb Morell | 05.24.2021

Just like today, Baptists were in the nineteenth century were a “big tent” denomination. Differences persisted, but they were handled with charity.

Baptists and Preaching: Lessons from Sprague’s Annals of the American Baptist Pulpit

By Caleb Morell | 02.26.2021

When it comes to preaching, pastors should heed the wisdom of our Baptist forefathers.

Three Lessons on Church Size from the Westminster Assembly

By Caleb Morell | 11.06.2020

According to the Westminster Divines, church size depends on at least three things.

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