Parenting Advice for Pastors

By Ed Moore | 9Marks Journal: Shepherding: The Work & Character of a Pastor | 06.29.2020

Listen to these points with a discerning ear and apply them by grace as they relate to you.

Gifted and Godly . . . But Especially Godly

By Bert Daniel | 9Marks Journal: Shepherding: The Work & Character of a Pastor | 06.29.2020

In his letter to Timothy, Paul spends more ink on pastoral godliness than he does on giftedness.

What Does It Mean to Be “Qualified” for Ministry?

By Bobby Scott | 9Marks Journal: Shepherding: The Work & Character of a Pastor | 06.29.2020

May the measureless love of our Father, who gave us his holy Son to save us from our sin, fill our hearts so that we delight in pursuing holiness.

Helping Second-Generation Immigrants Love the Immigrant Church

By Daniel Chan | 06.22.2020

I look forward to the day when all tribes and peoples and languages will worship the Lord together. But until then, there will continue to be a place for immigrant churches that minister the gospel in the heart language of their target people.

A Published Homage to My Unpublished Dad

By Caleb Batchelor | 06.19.2020

I love my dad and I’m writing to honor him. But I also want to commend his example to other pastors.

4 Reasons Pastors Ought to Be Gentle

By Dane Ortlund | 06.17.2020

I am asking you to consider stepping into a gentleness your life and ministry have, perhaps, never known.

Episode 131: On Pastoring Amidst National Trauma (with Garrett Kell)

By G. Kell, J. Leeman | 06.05.2020

The past few weeks have been hard. People are grieving and angry, scared and confused.

5 Reasons You Should Preach through 1 Timothy

By Phil Newton | 06.03.2020

Brothers, preach 1 Timothy. And don’t wait too long. You and your congregation need its Christ-centered focus for the church.

Pastoring in a Pandemic, Episode 20: Humbling Ourselves Under God’s Mighty Hand (with Brian Davis)

By B. Davis, J. Leeman | 05.29.2020

Jonathan Leeman chats with pastor Brian Davis about how COVID-19 ought to push us all to humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand.

Preachers’ Talk, Episode 6: On Preaching in a Troubled Age

By D. Helm, E. Copeland, J. Meeks | 05.29.2020

The nation is reeling, and Sunday is coming. So what should preachers do?

As the Pastor of an Immigrant Church’s English Ministry, How Should I Relate to the Senior Pastor?

By Hanley Liu | 05.29.2020

I want to speak to fellow English-speaking pastors of immigrant churches’ English ministries. In particular, I want to talk about how we can honor the immigrant senior pastor, despite whatever differences we may have.

Pastoring in a Pandemic, Episode 18: Help & Hope for the Burnt-Out Pastor (with Zack Eswine)

By J. Leeman, Z. Eswine | 05.27.2020

While this pandemic has not ultimately changed the work of the pastor, it seems to have made that work more exhausting. Jonathan Leeman chats with pastor Zack Eswine about how pastors can avoid burnout while caring for people during COVID-19.

Pastoring in a Pandemic, Episode 17: What Legal Rights & Responsibilities Do Churches Have During a Pandemic? (with Matt Martens)

By J. Leeman, M. T. Martens | 05.26.2020

Tune in as Jonathan Leeman chats with Matt Martens about the legal rights and responsibilities churches need to know about in light of COVID-19.

Churches’ Rights and Responsibilities When Reopening in the Pandemic

By J. Butterfield, M. T. Martens | 05.26.2020

What are churches’ rights and responsibilities as they consider reopening?

Pastoring in a Pandemic, episode 15: Being a Solo Pastor During COVID-19 (with Omar Johnson)

By J. Leeman, O. Johnson | 05.22.2020

Jonathan Leeman chats with Omar Johnson about what it’s like to be a solo pastor during COVID-19.