Samuel D. James

Pastors and Social Media

By Samuel D. James | 08.24.2023

When pastors log on to social media and berate others relentlessly, post incessantly, or communicate inappropriately, it is very likely that red flags were visible before the point of crisis.

The Internet and Christian Catholicity

By Samuel D. James | 9Marks Journal: Catholicity | 08.14.2023

Every Christian, church, and pastor lives in a specific context. It’s increasingly difficult to remember our particularity in the digital age.

Book Review: Celebrities for Jesus, by Katelyn Beaty

Review by Samuel D. James | 01.05.2023

Books like ‘Celebrities for Jesus’ are needed wake-up calls to the deceitfulness of riches and the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus over any earthly gain.

Book Review: The Life We’re Looking For, by Andy Crouch

Review by Samuel D. James | 07.21.2022

Andy Crouch’s book “The Life We’re Looking For” is a necessary and convicting work that represents precisely the kind of thinking about theology, humanity, society, and the gospel we need right now.

“You’ve Got Self:” How the Internet Cultivates Expressive Individualism in All of Us

By Samuel D. James | 9Marks Journal: Expressive Individualism in the Church | 03.18.2022

The liturgies of assembled, embodied, gospel worship point us toward one set of beliefs and values, while the liturgies of Internet membership point us toward a different set.

Why I’m Glad My Church Hunting Is Over

By Samuel D. James | 12.08.2014

My season of church hunting was a spiritually and emotionally challenging time, one that became harder the longer it lasted.