Forrest Strickland

Three Lessons from 234 Pastors’ Libraries

By Forrest Strickland | 01.18.2024

We have 234 catalogs of ministers’ libraries in the Netherlands during the seventeenth century. Here are three lessons we ought not neglect.

Why Your Local Church’s History Should Matter to Your Church Members

By Forrest Strickland | 04.25.2022

Your local church’s history is integral to your members caring for one another, for at least three reasons.

Book Review: Protestants, by Alec Ryrie

Review by Forrest Strickland | 10.24.2019

A Protestant is not simply someone who has an all-encompassing experience with the God they find in the Bible. “Protestant” connotes, in part, certain theological convictions: beginning with the ancient creeds and including the solas of the Reformation.