Hungarian Partnerships & Resources


9Marks partners with local ministries aiming to reach the Hungarian-speaking world with sound resources that will equip, train, mentor, and mobilize pastors in building healthy churches.



Rediscover Church (A gyülekezet újrafelfedezése)

By C. Hansen, J. Leeman

Why the Body of Christ Is Essential Churches are currently facing a host of difficult issues―potential shut-downs and restrictions due to COVID-19, political dissension among members, racial division, church abuse … keep reading…

Church Membership (A Gyülekezeti Tagság)

By Jonathan Leeman

How the World Knows Who Represents Jesus Why should you join a church? Becoming a member of a church is an important, and often neglected, part of the Christian life. … keep reading…

The Gospel (Az Evangélium)

By Ray Ortlund

How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ How does the church portray the beauty of Christ? The gospel is a theological message. But this message also creates human beauty―beautiful … keep reading…

What Is a Healthy Church? (Milyen az egészséges gyülekezet?)


You may have read books on this topic before—but not like this one. Instead of an instruction manual for church growth, this classic text offers tried and true principles for … keep reading…