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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever
May-Jun 2008 | Subscribe Free!

Living As a Church

There’s plenty of material out there on living the Christian life. But there’s not so much, from what we can tell, on living together as a church.

To help with that deficit, 9Marks is using this issue to present pastors and churches with what we believe is a useful tool, a short class on living together as a local church. If you’ve never provided your congregation with an opportunity to meditate together on what it means to live together as a church, we hope you’ll take a look at this material. Teach it yourself; let a young man you’re discipling teach it; or let it prompt you to write your own class. The thirteen classes below were originally taught in a Sunday School format, but feel free to change and adapt the material for whatever format best serves your purposes—small group, weekend retreat, maybe even a sermon series. All free.

 Thanks from 9Marks goes to CHBC elders Jamie Dunlop and Papu Sandhu, as well as Third Avenue Baptist Church elder Greg Gilbert, for writing and re-writing this material.

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