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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever
Jan-Feb 2011 | Subscribe Free!

Pastoral Moves

Quick, before you make another move, pastor, read this 9Marks Journal!

If you’re thinking of leaving your church for another, start with Michael Lawrence's article on leaving wisely. In fact, look at Matt Schmucker's even before you think about leaving. Have you looked yet? Okay, what about now? I’ve seen enough pastors come and go to know that Lawrence and Schmucker just might shift your paradigm.

Or maybe the process of searching has begun. Mark Dever, Bobby Jamieson, Walter Price, and Dennis Newkirk will help you to avoid common mistakes and pursue the next pastor wisely.

Then again, maybe you should not make a move at all. Jeramie Rinne and Mark Dever will tell you why. Pastor Rinne, in fact, would rather see you dead right where you are. What a pastor!

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