Rediscover Church (重新认识教会)

Why the Body of Christ Is Essential

Churches are currently facing a host of difficult issues―potential shut-downs and restrictions due to COVID-19, political dissension among members, racial division, church abuse scandals, and the list continues. While some attendees have temporarily turned to virtual church services, others are wondering if committing to a local church is worth the trouble. Is it really that important to gather each week?

Written for anyone struggling to answer this question, Collin Hansen and Jonathan Leeman help readers rediscover why the church is essential. Rediscover Church starts from the ground up, examining topics such as the mission of the church, the importance of preaching and teaching, church membership, church discipline, and how to love members who are different. This book is a timely reminder that the church is more than just a livestream―it is an essential fellowship of God’s people furthering God’s mission.

This book was made possible in partnership with Eight Blessings Limited.



  1. 教会是什么?
  2. 基督徒一定要加入地方教会吗?
  3. 为什么基督徒每周要去教会聚会呢?
  4. 网络聚会会成为教会未来发展的趋势吗?……