9Marks at SEBTS 2018 – Missions

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How did the message of Jesus get from first-century Jerusalem to where you live 20 centuries later? Consider the barriers the gospel had to cross to reach you—barriers of geography, language, ethnicity, and time.

Who could possibly have accomplished such a task? There’s no single person fit for the job. This is precisely why God has called his church to fulfill this task. We work together as the body of Christ and with the authority of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission. Some go; others send. But all believe and share the good news with others.

So I’ll ask the question again: how did the message of Jesus get to you? The answer is the church.

Our annual 9Marks at Southeastern Conference focused on this topic. Each sermon discussed the church’s relationship to the Great Commission in general and the task of missions in particular. Check out this 50-second highlight reel of the conference. You can watch every talk on our website here:

Rick Denham

Rick Denham serves as the international director for 9Marks. He is a member of Calvary International Church in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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