International Director’s Summer in Europe

Church Stories

While in Europe this summer, Rick visited the church of Christian Schmid, one of our partners in Bern, Switzerland. This congregation is part of the Evangelium21 network in German-speaking Switzerland, and Rick was encouraged to see how our 9Marks books in German were being used in the capital, Bern, to nurture healthy churches.

At his church, Christian introduced Rick to a member of his congregation. The man turned to Rick:

“You’re the reason I’m here! When I visited this church, they gave us all a copy of What is a Healthy Church in German. I didn’t read it immediately, but when I did a few months later, it was a contrast to the church I was attending and I realized that I needed to go back to this church where I would hear the same teaching.”

Christian preaching to his congregation 

Christian preaching to his congregation

9Marks books in German
9Marks books in German

Rick Denham

Rick Denham serves as the international director for 9Marks. He is also executive director of Ministerio Fiel, a Brazilian ministry which serves churches and equips leaders in Portuguese-speaking nations across Europe, Africa, and South America.

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