Small Footprint, Big Impact at the SBC

Church Stories

Ten years ago, when 9Marks walked into the SBC, no one knew who we were. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Now it’s a gathering with lots of friends, as well as an opportunity to expose new people to 9Marks. On June 11–13, the Southern Baptist Convention hosted their annual meeting in Dallas. Nearly 10,000 messengers attended. A good number of them walked out with a 9Marks resource. We handed out 3,200 new books and Journals.

Our tiny, 400-square foot booth was like an island in an ocean of exhibits. But the small footprint might be a bit misleading. After all, our impact wasn’t measured by square feet but by the obvious affection of those who stopped by our booth. At one point, a nearby exhibitor walked over and said, “In just the last hour, I’ve seen about 200 people stop by your booth and talk to you. What’s your secret?” We didn’t know where to point except to trustworthy content and personal relationships. That’s our secret—and it’s something you can’t rush. 

During the SBC, we hosted two late-night events called “9Marks at 9.” On Monday night, 600 people joined us for a discussion between Mark and Jonathan on Jonathan’s new book, How the Nations Rage. Now you can watch the discussion here.

On Tuesday night, we hosted our annual “State of the SBC” panel with Mark, Al Mohler, Danny Akin, Matt Chandler, and H.B. Charles. Eight hundred people showed up to ask questions about ministry and cooperation with the SBC. Watch it here.

Good attendance metrics aren’t our main goal, but they do provide a helpful barometer for one of our critical success factors: influence.

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