What Is the Gospel? Tract (Was ist das Evangelium?)

By Greg Gilbert

Adapted from Greg Gilbert’s book What Is the Gospel?, this tract uses evidence from the Bible to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about Jesus Christ.

On Text Size Selection (Preachers Talk, Ep. 52)

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 03.23.2023

In this episode of Preachers Talk, Jeremy Meeks chats with Dave and Ed about how to pick the size of a sermon text.

Recent Multimedia

On the CROSS Conference, with Matt Schmucker and Shawn LaCount (Missions Talk, Ep. 11)

By J. Mack Stiles, Matt Schmucker, Ryan Robertson, Shawn LaCount

Judges 13-14: On the Birth and Betrothal of Israel’s Surprising, Set-Apart, and Sinful Savior (Bible Talk, Ep. 78)

By A. Duke, J. Hamilton, S. Emadi | 03.22.2023

In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi about Judges 13–14. They discuss Samson, Israel’s surprising, set-apart, and sinful savior.

On the Lord’s Supper – Nuts and Bolts, with Bobby Jamieson (Pastors Talk, Ep. 231)

By B. Jamieson, J. Leeman, M. Dever | 03.21.2023

In this episode of Pastors Talk, Jonathan asks Mark and Bobby a ton of rapid-fire questions about the Lord’s Supper.