How Do Membership and the Ordinances Fit Together?

By J. Leeman, M. Purcell | 09.26.2023

Jonathan Leeman answers questions about the universal church, the local church, and the ordinance.

Are Ecclesiological Convictions and Catholic Affirmations Mutually Exclusive?

By Jonathan Leeman | 09.25.2023

The charge of anti-catholicity, when used to critique ecclesial convictions, evinces an inadequate understanding of catholicity.

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On Adoniram Judson, with Jason Duesing (Missions Talk, Ep. 21)

By J. Mack Stiles, Jason Duesing, Ryan Robertson

Understanding Church Leadership (Jak rozumieć przywództwo w kościele?)

By Mark Dever

Who leads a church? Why is this important to God? God cares about his glory, and he means to display his glory through the church. For this very end, God … keep reading…

Understanding the Congregation’s Authority (Jak rozumieć autorytet kościoła?)

By Jonathan Leeman

Congregational authority is less about the meetings and more about the mission. Congregationalism has a bad rap for well-known reasons: inefficient meetings, upstart members, browbeaten ministers. But biblical congregationalism isn’t … keep reading…