Joshua 11–21: On the Big, Boring List of Place Names that You Should Read with Tears in Your Eyes (Bible Talk, Ep. 69)

By A. Duke, J. Hamilton, S. Emadi | 11.23.2022

When you get to Joshua 11–21, you’ll be tempted to speed-read. It’s just a long list of places and names you’ve never heard of. But the original readers? They would have read it slowly, with tears in their eyes.

On Pastoring in India, with Pastor Harshit (Pastors Talk, Ep. 219)

By J. Leeman, M. Dever, P. Harshit | 11.22.2022

In this episode of Pastors Talk, Jonathan and Mark chat with a pastor from India about hard, but fruitful ministry in such an unreached place.

The Aim of Preaching in an Increasingly Hostile Culture to Christianity

By John Piper | 11.21.2022

John Piper was recently asked, “How can American pastors begin to prepare the churches for persecution?”

Book Review: Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor with the Gospel, by A. S. Ibrahim

Review by J. Mack Stiles | 11.17.2022

‘Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor with the Gospel’ is an excellent practical, down-to-earth guide for sharing faith with a Muslim friend.