How can a church know when to affirm an individual’s desire to do overseas missions?

A church should be willing to affirm an individual’s desire to do overseas missions when they are confident that the person:

  1. Agrees with the church’s theology.
  2. Is theologically discerning. A missionary will face all kinds of new challenges and unorthodox beliefs. He or she will need to be able to confront unexpected challenges biblically.
  3. Has a submissive spirit toward the church. Does the person happily submit to the church’s leadership and teaching?
  4. Has a proven track record of fruitfulness. Hopefully the person will have been fruitful in the kind of work they will be doing. If someone wants to evangelize in China, are they already evangelizing Chinese people? If someone wants to be a Bible translator, are they already studying the biblical languages?
  5. Has personal integrity.
  6. Is financially responsible.
  7. Has a pattern of good relationships, not broken relationships.
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