I don’t feel like there are opportunities for me to get involved in my church. What should I do?

Sometimes we get so fixated on programs and official positions in the church that it’s easy to miss opportunities right in front of our eyes. To help remedy that potential near-sightedness, here are two ways that you can always get involved in any church.

  1. Find needs to meet. No church, even the best-staffed and best-served, has absolutely all of its needs met. There are always children to watch, meals to cook, rooms to clean, members in times of special need, and much more. So pray that God would enable you to find others’ needs and meet them in a spirit of humble service, even if they aren’t particularly glamorous.
  2. Find Christians to disciple. All Christians this side of heaven are works in progress, and God wants all Christians to build up the church to maturityby speaking the truth in love (see Eph. 4:11-16, Col. 3:16-17). So find people whom you can speak the truth in love to, and who can do the same for you. Ask a couple of new members over to your home for dinner and get to know the state of their souls. Find a younger Christian and begin reading Scripture and praying together.

Serving in the church is not something we should need a special invitation to do. In every church there will be needs to meet and Christians to disciple. So take the initiative and find ways to do others spiritual good.

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