What are some practical ways that churches can invest in training pastors?

Here are several ways that whole congregations can get involved in training pastors:

  1. Gladly sit under a variety of preachers, not just the senior pastor. The only way that men learn to preach is by doing it. If God has given men in your church a desire to preach, the church should learn to patiently bear with their less-polished presentations and less-engaging styles, so long as the content is biblically faithful. Churches should encourage such men as they see God using their preaching and developing their gifts.
  2. Gladly allow your pastor to invest in training men for ministry. If a pastor devotes significant time to training men for ministry, that means he’ll spend less time doing other things. Encourage your pastor in this.
  3. Consider starting an internship. Internships help lay solid theological and practical foundations for a man’s entire ministry. Church members should therefore look for ways to promote, fund, and facilitate such internship opportunities. This could be a program in which pastors take men through an intensive course of reading, writing, discussion, and observation about the church and pastoral ministry.
  4. Support seminary students who go out from your church. Seminary support helps maintain a relationship with men your church has trained and will help them make it through seminary, which can be a financially and personally challenging time.
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