Why is it a good idea for a church to have membership classes?

  1. It gives a church the opportunity to introduce itself. In a large, complex society with a long Christian-tradition, there are many false churches and false gospels. A membership class provides a church the opportunity to say who it is and what it believes.
  2. It tells a prospective member what he or she can expect from the church. Prospective members learn how a church works, how it makes decisions, and where to get involved. It can help people know what they can expect from the pastor or other church leaders.
  3. It tells a prospective member what the church will expect of him or her. It’s an opportunity for a church to teach about the importance of attendance, or how the process of church discipline works. It’s an opportunity to encourage prospective members to get to know members of the church as well as leaders.
  4. It promotes unity in the church. Membership classes help everyone in the church enter “on the same page.”

To see one church’s membership class, click here.

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