Why should a church devote extended time to corporate prayer?

A church should devote extended time to corporate prayer:

  1. Because prayer glorifies God. Corporate prayer is just as much a means of worshiping God as singing, reading the Bible, and hearing God’s Word preached. Our praises acknowledge him as Lord. Our thanks acknowledge him as Redeemer. Our confessions acknowledge him as the Holy One. Even our intercessions acknowledge our utter dependence on him, thereby giving him glory.
  2. Because it embodies the unity we have in Christ. When we all join in lifting up our hearts to God, we express and experience the covenantal unity that we have as the body of Christ.  
  3. Because it expresses the whole church’s dependence upon God in everything. Not devoting extended time to corporate prayer belies arrogant self-sufficiency.
  4. Because corporate prayer teaches Christians to pray.
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