Why should pastors preach on hell?

1. It’s in the Bible. As difficult as the subject is, pastors must proclaim the whole counsel of God.

2. It acts as ballast for their ministries. It’s easy for pastors to drift off track by making a good thing the main thing. Preaching hell reminds us that there is no more urgent task than proclaiming to the world the good news that forgiveness of sins is offered through Jesus Christ!

3. It reminds Christians what’s truly at stake. Too often, Christians follow the world in thinking that this life is long and eternity is short. Pastors should preach on hell in order to remind their churches that there are eternal consequences that attach to sin and unbelief.

4. It reminds Christians of how much Christ did at the cross. Preaching on hell magnifies our view of what Jesus accomplished for us. How? By revealing the depth of what Jesus suffered on the cross. On the cross, Jesus suffered the equivalent of hell in order to pay the price for our sins and reconcile us to God.

5. It points us to the glory of God in his love, forgiveness, justice, and vindication of his saints. The existence of hell heightens our amazement at God’s love and forgiveness: if this is what we deserve, how amazing is God’s love displayed in saving sinners! Hell also demonstrates that God is truly good and just. One day God will right all wrongs, and he will be seen to be just in punishing sin as it deserves.

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