Preacher, What’s on Your Kids Menu?

By John Joseph | 11.28.2022

We want our kids to know that the church is for them, Jesus is for them, and eternal life is for them, so let’s speak to them in our sermons.

The Aim of Preaching in an Increasingly Hostile Culture to Christianity

By John Piper | 11.21.2022

John Piper was recently asked, “How can American pastors begin to prepare the churches for persecution?”

Shepherding in the Age of Self

By Jonathan Dodson | 11.15.2022

How should church leaders respond to those embroiled in the age of self?

What Should ‘Equipping’ Christians Look Like?

By Champ Thornton | 11.11.2022

Are we over-programming or over-complicating what is actually required to help men and women learn to “speak the truth in love”?

Identity or Influence? A Protestant Response to Jonathan Leeman

By Joe Rigney | 11.11.2022

Joe Rigney offers some critiques of Jonathan Leeman's recent article "'Christian Nationalism' Misrepresents Jesus, So We Should Reject It"

How to Disagree Theologically

By Jonathan Leeman | 11.08.2022

How well do you treat other Christians with whom you disagree theologically?

"Christian Nationalism" Misrepresents Jesus, So We Should Reject It

By Jonathan Leeman | 10.31.2022

Christian nationalism doesn’t push forward toward the eschaton, but backward toward the old covenant. It’s anti-new covenant. It nominalizes Christianity and, within a generation, undermines it altogether.

Why Missionaries Should Value Professionalism

By Matt Rhodes | 10.27.2022

Many of us fondly remember John Piper’s “Brothers, We Are Not Professionals”. But there’s another type of professionalism that is manifestly not what Piper intended to criticize. It is the day-to-day pursuit of excellence in ministry.

5 Effects of Expository Preaching on a Church

By Anand Samuel | 10.21.2022

How does sitting under expository preaching 52 Sundays a year change a church?

How to Examine Qualifications in Elder Candidates

By Joel Kurz | 10.11.2022

Find the men in your church who are already eldering. Get to know them and, as you do, keep 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 in mind. Once you’re reasonably confident this man ought to be an elder, I recommend a process of formal evaluation.

Pastors Govern Sober-Mindedly

By David Mathis | 10.07.2022

Pastor-teachers do more than teach. They are called to lead—leadership that requires they be, both individually and collectively, sober-minded.

How Did ‘Church Planting Movements’ Gain a Foothold Within the IMB?  

By Caleb Morell | 10.06.2022

In his book Strategy Coordinator: Changing the Course of Southern Baptist Missions, R. Bruce Carlton sets out to provide a historical analysis of what he considers the most significant shift within the strategy of the International Mission Board since its inception in 1845.

Assessment Questions for New Elder Candidates

By Jeramie Rinne | 10.04.2022

What kinds of questions do you ask to assess the readiness of a prospective elder?

The New Testament’s First Administrators

By Brad Thayer | 9Marks Journal: The Pastor and Church Administration | 09.30.2022

Acts 6 offers a paradigm for the “how” and “why” of church administration.

Administrators: Playing with Calculators or Building Up the Body of Christ?

By Mike Carnicella | 9Marks Journal: The Pastor and Church Administration | 09.30.2022

Good administration and good administrators are a gift from God. Don’t neglect these gifts just because they seem boring or nerdy.