Are All of Our Shrinking Churches Evangelistic Failures?

By Alex Bouffard | 05.17.2024

True evangelism often takes longer, grows slower, and prunes more intentionally than mere intellectual assent accounts for.

Regulative Discipleship: Why a Full Calendar Doesn’t Necessarily Produce Mature Church Members

By Caleb Batchelor | 05.15.2024

If we affirm the regulative principle for the Sunday morning gathering, shouldn’t we also apply the same conviction to the rest of our discipleship ministries? 

A Quick-Start Guide for Church Revitalization

By Jake Wright | 05.01.2024

How do you shepherd a flock to healthier pastures when the sheep aren’t yet convinced that the grass is greener on the other side?

Book Review: The Church, by Erin Wheeler

By Rachel Ware | 04.29.2024

Erin Wheeler does a wonderful job of both defending the doctrine of the church and describing its beauty.

Four Reasons to Preach the Psalms as a Book

By Davy Ellison | 04.26.2024

The intentional ordering of the 150 psalms may have been rediscovered in academia, but it has very practical benefits for the Christian in the pew.

Give Them Time: How to Protect the Assuring Nature of a Child’s Baptism

By Michael Lawrence | 04.12.2024

How do we know if we’re looking at a good kid or a regenerate kid? The one thing we know for sure is that time will tell.

Four Ways God Used a Church Fire for Good

By Skylar Spradlin | 04.09.2024

On November 1, 2022, our church building burned down. Not one part was salvageable. The fire swept through the attic at astonishing speed. Not a single notepad or paper clip … keep reading…

Visible Grace in Disagreements

By Caleb Batchelor | 03.06.2024

Does the tone of your disagreements sound more like the intercessions of Jesus or the accusations of Satan?

Four Benefits of Inviting Evaluation of Your Preaching

By Jonathan Threlfall | 02.29.2024

In “swapping sermons” with fellow pastors, I have discovered four benefits.

Does Your Church Have an Evangelist?

By Jim Donohue | 02.26.2024

When churches invest time, prayer, resources, and finances into reaching the lost, God loves to bless those efforts with fruit.

Pastoring a Transient Church

By Josh Hayward | 02.21.2024

How can pastors shepherd their ever-changing flocks to devote themselves to fellowship?

Leading a Congregational Church Through Constitutional Change

By Trent Rogers | 02.15.2024

Here are eight nuggets of practical wisdom for leadership in an elder-led, congregational church about changing its constitution.

Pastoring a Small Church While Parenting Special Needs Children

By Eric Brown | 02.13.2024

All pastoring and parenting is hard. But some situations may be more difficult than others.

When May a Congregation Vote Against its Elders?

By Jamie Dunlop | 02.09.2024

If you are in an elder-led, congregationally-governed church, then the question posed by the title really matters.

Your Body Is Not the Temple, But THE Body Is

By N. G. Piotrowski, R. Johnson | 02.08.2024

One’s sexual impurity implicates the entire body of Christ in idolatry, for that one person is a member of the larger temple of God.