Modern Exhortations to Pastoral Friendship

By B. Croft, J. B. Carroll, M. A. G. Haykin | 03.16.2023

Despite increasing connectedness, many in our culture face a growing isolation of the soul and pastors are prime candidates for this paradoxical lifestyle.

So, You Want to Be a Pastor?

By Sean DeMars | 03.08.2023

Here is my appeal to the aspiring pastor: brother, count the cost.

More than Music: How the Congregation Plays a Part in Every Element of Worship

By Zack DiPrima | 02.21.2023

Scripture is clear: corporate worship encompasses much more than music.

Not Satisfied with Our Shepherding yet—but Finding a Good Rhythm

By Bob Johnson | 02.13.2023

Here’s how one group of elders is seeking to ensure that every member of their church is shepherded well.

8 Principles of Faithful Pulpit Supply

By Alan Patrick | 02.08.2023

The Lord instructs and equips his church through the preaching of his Word. Pulpit supply is no exception.

Recommended New Testament Commentaries for Evangelical Pastors

By Thomas R. Schreiner | 02.03.2023

Tom Schreiner recommends what he thinks are the best New Testament commentaries for pastors to consult.

Night Terrors and Nearness: Real Comfort in Non-Solutions

By Matt Boga | 02.02.2023

Just as children sometimes need just their father’s presence, sometimes Christians need just a pastor’s presence.

The Case for Long-Term Missions

By Brooks Buser | 01.26.2023

How can „normal“ Christians see their sons and daughters board ships and planes and be gone for decades, perhaps forever? The only sufficient answer I have found is this: these saints see past this world.

Love & Discernment: Hospitality and the LGBTQ+ Person

By Jonathan Holmes | 01.24.2023

How do we love genuinely and show true hospitality as living sacrifices to the Lord, all while maintaining clear, biblical convictions on issues related to sexuality and gender?

Assembly Required: 25 Reasons to Regularly Participate in Public and Corporate Worship

By H. B. Charles | 01.20.2023

Christ is the head of the church, and the church is the body of Christ. You cannot have a high view of Christ and a low view of the church.

Questionnaire for a Prospective Elder

By 9Marks | 01.19.2023

How do you determine if a man is not only qualified to be an elder, but also compatible to elder at your church?

Mission and Maturity

By Jonathan D. Worthington | 01.18.2023

Presenting converts to Christ was not Paul’s ultimate missional dream. Nor was presenting planted churches. He wanted to present communities of mature believers to Christ.

Reflections From a New Pastor For New Church Planters

By Joshua Roulhac | 01.17.2023

Here are 10 reflections/encouragements from a pastor who planted Congress Heights Community Church in SE Washington, DC last year.

Three Reasons Why You Should Encourage Your Congregation to Gather Every Week

By Sam Koo | 01.13.2023

Encourage your church members to deliberately plan, arrange, and order their weeks and months so that they would be in the pews for those 52 Sundays.

Use Your Family Worship to Prepare for Corporate Worship

By Joshua Chatman | 01.12.2023

As a movie trailer builds anticipation for a movie, the Lord can use our family worship to grow our expectations for gathering on the Lord’s Day.