When May a Congregation Vote Against its Elders?

By Jamie Dunlop | 02.09.2024

If you are in an elder-led, congregationally-governed church, then the question posed by the title really matters.

Your Body Is Not the Temple, But THE Body Is

By N. G. Piotrowski, R. Johnson | 02.08.2024

One’s sexual impurity implicates the entire body of Christ in idolatry, for that one person is a member of the larger temple of God.

Catholicity and the Church Membership Process

By John Sarver | 9Marks Journal: Catholicity | 11.06.2023

Meaningful membership upholds glad-hearted catholicity.

Technology-Mediated Ministry: How Far Is Too Far?

By Heath Woolman | 08.02.2023

Local church membership is too important to be mediated by a screen. 

More than Music: How the Congregation Plays a Part in Every Element of Worship

By Zack DiPrima | 02.21.2023

Scripture is clear: corporate worship encompasses much more than music.

Assembly Required: 25 Reasons to Regularly Participate in Public and Corporate Worship

By H. B. Charles | 01.20.2023

Christ is the head of the church, and the church is the body of Christ. You cannot have a high view of Christ and a low view of the church.

Moving Away from Music-Specific Services

By Allen Duty | 9Marks Journal: The Church's Ministries | 12.15.2022

Music-specific services actively promote division in the body of Christ.

Why Our Church Moved from Elder-Rule Polity to Elder-Led Congregationalism

By Blake White | 08.23.2022

Our church recently transitioned from an “elder-rule” model of church government to “elder-led congregationalism.” As I have talked with pastor friends from various streams, many are stumped as to why we would do that.

Four Ways to Love Your Lay Elders

By Taylor Cain | 06.01.2022

Here are four ways to care for lay pastors who go the extra mile for their flocks.

Why Is It Essential for Missionaries to Join a Church Where They Live?

By Scott Logsdon | 05.16.2022

Church membership is not only good for missionaries, it’s also good for mission. Missionaries are often portrayed as spiritual giants, but they need church care at least as much as any Christian.

How Should Missionaries Relate to Local Churches Overseas?

By Matt Rhodes | 05.04.2022

Low ecclesiology can cause confusion about missionaries’ involvement in local churches where they serve. Should we attend? Should we be members? For many missionaries, the practical answers are “no” and “no.” 

Why Your Local Church’s History Should Matter to Your Church Members

By Forrest Strickland | 04.25.2022

Your local church’s history is integral to your members caring for one another, for at least three reasons.

13 Pillars for Planting Healthy Churches

By Matt Rogers | 04.11.2022

What ingredients are necessary to plant healthy, strong, biblical churches—and sustain them?

“You’ve Got Self:” How the Internet Cultivates Expressive Individualism in All of Us

By Samuel D. James | 9Marks Journal: Expressive Individualism in the Church | 03.18.2022

The liturgies of assembled, embodied, gospel worship point us toward one set of beliefs and values, while the liturgies of Internet membership point us toward a different set.

Three Encouragements for Pastors Pursuing Wandering Sheep

By Nick Gardner | 03.08.2022

What should a pastor do when faced with wandering sheep, those who have left the safe pastures of the local church and found themselves in dangerous territory away from the herd?

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