1 Samuel 11–12: On Snake-Man the Thug-Ruler, Samuel’s Bummer Farewell Speech, and Learning to Read the Bible With Your Imagination (Bible Talk, Ep. 87)

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In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex talks with Jim and Sam about 1 Samuel 11–12.


4:05 / Why are Saul’s Gibeah-roots repeatedly mentioned?

7:52 / What’s the significance of Saul cutting up an oxen? (11:7)

10:03 / Saul is just like one of Israel’s judges—unlike David. 

12:33 / Does Saul’s military victory mean he’s good with God? (11:11)

14:26 / Does Saul’s vengeance-stopping mean he’s a good guy? (11:12–14)

21:30 / Why is Samuel’s farewell address placed where it is in the book? (12:1–25)

25:16 / Why is Samuel so harsh to the people of Israel? (12:12–18)

29:45 / Why keep following the Lord if I keep sinning?

33:00 / If you’re preaching this passage. . .

35:00 / What’s worth noting about how Samuel concludes his farewell address?

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