1 Samuel 8–10: On the Comedic Coronation of Israel’s Handsome, High-High “Hero” Who Can’t Even Find His Father’s Donkey (Bible Talk, Ep. 86)

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In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi on 1 Samuel 8–10.


2:28 / “Who will be the king?” becomes the most pressing question in 1 Samuel, but where in Israel’s history has the idea of kingship previously appeared?

6:37 / Was the Israelite elders’ request for a king bad? Or good? (8:5)

9:54 / What will Israel’s king be like, according to Samuel’s prophecy? (8:11–18)

11:11 / How does Samuel’s prophecy about Israel’s king compare to the paradigm of Israel’s king taught in Deuteronomy 17?

13:44 / What is the significance of Saul’s genealogy? (9:1)

18:15 / What is the test of Saul’s worthiness to be king?

20:49 / How does the Lord reveal himself to Samuel, and why does that matter to us? (9:15)

21:59 / How does 1 Samuel foreshadow the offices of prophet, priest, and king merging in Christ?

24:44 / Jim explains a difference in translation between the ESV and NASB and why it matters.

28:59 / Does Saul start well and end poorly? Was he saved and lost his salvation?

38:08 / What previous event in Scripture does 1 Samuel 10:17–21 seem to be a replay of?

40:16 / Saul is a donkey.

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