2 Samuel 19–20: On David’s Unraveling Reign, Joab’s Bloodthirsty Lawlessness, and Subtle Details from the Royal Court (Bible Talk, Ep. 108)

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By now, David’s reign is beginning to unravel. In fact, these chapters are beginning to remind us not of 1–2 Samuel, but of the book of Judges. Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi about 2 Samuel 19–20.


1:54 / Why should 1 Samuel 19:1–8a have been part of the previous episode?

4:45 / Who’s divided over David’s return to Judah and why? (19:8b–12)

7:23 / Why does David replace Joab with Amasa? (19:13–15)

11:15 / Who is David magnanimous toward? (19:16–40)

16:08 / What do David’s acts of magnanimity accomplish? (19:41–43)

20:30 / What does Joab’s recklessness say about David’s rule? (20:1–10a)

24:51 / Joab pursues Sheba, and a wise woman intervenes. (20:10b–21)

33:39 / Why does 2 Samuel end chronologically where it does? (20:22–26)

Graphic: Joab pursues Sheba to the city of Abel, The Morgan Bible (1240-50)


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