Exodus 21: On Slavery, Proportional Justice, Goring Oxen, and Other Easy Topics (Bible Talk, Ep. 29)

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When Moses refers to slavery in the Torah, how should we understand it? What about “justice”? In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi about a difficult chapter of Scripture: Exodus 21.


2:35 / We’ve reached the less well-known half of Exodus, filled with laws and details about the tabernacle. How do we talk about the coming chapters without repeating ourselves or being boring?

9:56 / What should I, as a new covenant Christian, think about the laws in Exodus?

11:21 / How should we understand what Exodus 21 says about slavery?

23:09 / Jim and Sam dig more into the details of the slavery rules in Exodus 21:1-6.

27:23 / More detail-digging in verses 7-11.

30:40 / What principles inform God’s laws about injury and death in verses 12-32?

33:10 / Alex asks for an explanation of another slavery passage that might be uncomfortable to modern ears.

40:51 / Does Exodus 21:22-25 display the value of the preborn life? And does it also support the government permanently maiming people?

46:18 / How would you preach Christ from this chapter?

Image: Jüdischer Viehhändler, 1909

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