Exodus 24–25: On the Floor of Heaven and the Feet of God (Bible Talk, Ep. 31)

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In Exodus 24–25, the summit of Sinai becomes the floor of heaven. Through Israel, God is once again establishing a connection between heaven and earth. In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi about what all this means.


1:44 / Does Exodus transition in chapter 24 to a new section of the book?

3:06 / Who does the Lord invite (and not invite) to come up to worship him, and what’s with the priority seating?

5:29 / Why does Moses skip over mentioning his encounter with the Lord to write about a ceremony he holds with the people of Israel?

8:20 / How does Jesus pick up these words: “the blood of the covenant?”

10:33 / Exodus 24:10 says, “They saw the God of Israel.” Why didn’t they die?

13:07 / What does the phrase “the very heaven for clearness” mean? (Ex. 24:10)

16:48 / The chief men of the people of Israel eat and drink with God, a meal that in the future would not be limited to them.

19:37 / Moses meets with the Lord on the mountain.

24:26 / What do we need to know about the Lord’s speech from Exodus 25-31?

29:24 / Where were the ark of the covenant, table for the bread of presence, and golden lampstand located in the tabernacle?

31:35 / What’s the ark of the covenant?

36:23 / What’s the bread of presence? And why does the table have poles?

37:55 / What’s the significance of the golden lampstand?

Article: On Earth as in Heaven: A (Very) Brief Biblical Theology of Heaven, by Sam Emadi

Image: Moses on Mount Sinai, by John Martin (1789 – 1854)

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