Joshua 9–10: On the Gibeonite Deception, Rash Vows, and Booing Woodrow Wilson (Bible Talk, Ep. 68)

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The Israelites get duped, Joshua gets mad, and the Lord ends up surprisingly defending a Canaanite people. What!?

In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke chats with Jim and Sam about Joshua 9–10.


1:00 / What’s the context of Joshua 9?

3:08 / Who are the Hivites? (Josh. 9:7)

4:47 / What are the Gibeonites up to?

6:05 / What should we make of Israel’s response to the Gibeonites’ covenant request? (Josh. 9:14-15)

7:05 / Through Joshua 9:15, do we know if the Gibeonites’ scheming is good or bad?

9:05 / What can we learn from Israel being easily duped?

11:40 / Should Israel have kept their oath to the Gibeonites?

18:17 / After Joshua confronts the Gibeonites, how should we assess their posture toward the Lord?

28:48 / Why is Adoni-zedek such a fascinating name? (Josh. 10:1)

32:15 / After the Israelites fail to consult him, the Lord initiates communication with Joshua, and he repeats some language from chapter one (Josh. 10:8).

33:13 / Sam commentates on verses 12-15 of chapter 10.

37:23 / Is there a miracle in Joshua 10:13?

40:06 / What happens to the five kings who oppose Gibeon?

42:00 / What’s the main point of Israel’s conquest of southern Canaan to conclude chapter 10?

* * * * *

Painting: Joshua Commands, Gustav Doré (1866)

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