Judges 11–12: On the Tragic Tale of Jephthah and the Tragic Consequences of Not Knowing Your Bible (Bible Talk, Ep. 77)

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In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi about Judges 11–12.


1:19 / Where did we leave Israel at the end of Judges 10?

4:41 / How are we introduced to Jephthah?

7:41 / How does Jephthah respond to the Gilead elders’ request for him to be their leader?

10:26 / How does Jephthah try to avoid battle with the Ammonites?

12:50 / Does “the Spirit of the Lord” being upon Jephthah mean everything he’s about to do is good? (11:29)

14:30 / What does Jephthah vow to the Lord?

22:43 / Does Jephthah’s vow lead to his daughter being a burnt offering, or is her perpetual virginity the offering?

31:52 / What does Jephthah’s feud with Ephraim say about the state of Israel?

* * * * *

Graphic: A study of Jephthah’s daughter, Tom Roberts (1899)

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