Judges 1:1–3:6: On the Pattern Set Forth in the Two-Part Introduction of the Book of Judges (Bible Talk, Ep. 71)

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In this episode, Alex Duke chats with Jim and Sam about the ominous “double introduction” of Judges 1:1–3:6.


1:21 / Where does the end of the book of Joshua leave us as we begin Judges?

1:50 / Is the book of Judges a sequel to the book of Joshua? Does it have the same author?

6:09 / What would help us wrap our minds around Judges as we’re introduced to the book?

13:26 / What’s worth highlighting in the list of names Israel defeats in its conquest of Canaan? (Judges 1:1-21)

17:11 / Is Adoni-bezek a type of Christ?

19:33 / Are Othniel and Achsah an anticipation of Christ and the church? Or related to other biblical texts?

22:53 / What’s the big idea of Judges 1?

26:39 / Pastoral application: little sins lead to bigger sins.

28:26 / What’s noteworthy about Israel’s failure to complete the conquest? (Judges 1:27-36)

31:23 / Israel experiences a new Fall.

35:12 / Why are we reading about the death of Joshua again?

35:52 / Why is Judges 2:10 massively significant?

37:26 / Judges 2:11 reverberates in Scripture.

38:47 / What pattern repeats itself throughout Judges?

40:55 / How does Judges 2:18 correspond with the exodus from Egypt?

41:42 / God’s glory . . . in salvation . . . through judgment

42:58 / Yet another instance occurs of Israel being led into idolatry through sexual immorality (3:6).

44:23 / Is there much happy in this book?


Miles V. Van Pelt’s commentary on Judges in ESV Expository Commentary: Deuteronomy–Ruth

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Graphic: The Judges Cycle, Kirk E. Miller (2022)

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