Judges 15–16: On the Bald, Eyeless Jester Who Is Used by God (Bible Talk, Ep. 79)

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In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi about Judges 15–16.


1:49 / Where are we in the story of Judges?

3:11 / Who does Samson sound like when he says, “I will go in to my wife”? (15:1)

4:58 / What happens after Samson’s wife is taken from him?

9:14 / Is Samson a good guy?

12:27 / Why does it sound like Samson’s story should end in Judges 15:20?

17:17 / What is Gaza?

18:27 / Why are the Gazites so desirous to kill Samson? Is the Spirit of the Lord still with him? (16:2–4)

21:06 / How does Samson’s fall teach us about the folly of sin?

22:01 / Jim and Sam provide commentary on the conclusion of Samson and Delilah’s back-and-forth.

25:47 / Is it significant that the book of Judges says “the Lord” left Samson, as opposed to “the Spirit of the Lord,” which had been upon him? (16:20)

27:02 / Is mention of the regrowth of Samson’s hair just good storytelling? (16:22)

27:54 / The Philistines declare the gospel of Dagon.

30:01 / “Call Samson, that he may crush us.” (16:25)

32:56 / How does Samson’s death foreshadow Jesus’ death?

34:45 / How do the ends of Judges Chapters 15 and 16 contrast one another?

36:25 / How does Samson’s story exemplify the failure of the judges?

38:10 / What should we think about Samson’s mention in Hebrews 11?

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Graphic: The Blinded Samson, Lovis Corinth (1912)

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