Judges 6: On the Rise of Scaredy-Cat Gideon, Prayer Fleeces, and North Face Fleeces, Too (Bible Talk, Ep. 74)

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Alex chats with Jim and Sam about Gideon, Israel’s next judge who is also a scaredy-cat.


1:21 / What’s the recurring cycle in Judges we should be looking for as we read?

3:14 / Does the language used regarding Midian’s oppression of Israel point back to anything in Scripture? (6:1-6)

8:44 / Why does the Lord respond to Israel’s cries by sending them a prophet? (6:7-10)

13:40 / Why is the description so detailed of what Gideon was doing when the angel of the Lord appears to him? (6:11)

18:34 / Why is Gideon called “a mighty man of valor” if he’s portrayed as scared? (6:12)

19:31 / How is Gideon a prophet like Moses?

21:09 / What’s Gideon’s background?

24:04 / How does the town respond to Gideon breaking down its altar of Baal? (6:28-32)

26:37 / Should we use prayer fleeces like Gideon? (6:36-40)

* * * * *

Graphic: Gideon and the Fleece, with the Selection of Gideon’s Army, Austria (1420-30)


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