Leviticus 1–7: On the Difference Between Being the Quarterback and Tailgating Outside the Stadium (Bible Talk, Ep. 36)

The book of Leviticus isn’t just a bunch of random rules. It provides an answer to the problem that’s been swirling over God’s people since Genesis 3: How can a sinful people dwell in the midst of a holy God?


1:52 / Jim and Sam offer book-overview comments on Leviticus.

3:56 / How does God’s mercy and love toward sinners shine through Leviticus?

9:09 / What should we know about the structure of Leviticus 1-7?

15:31 / What about the burnt offerings Moses offers first to begin the book?

16:59 / Why is there flexibility in what you’re allowed to sacrifice as a burnt offering?

17:25 / Sam and Jim get more detailed about how burnt offerings happen.

20:43 / What’s the often-repeated Levitical phrase “pleasing aroma to the Lord” mean?

22:10 / How is a grain offering different than a burnt offering?

23:12 / What about peace offerings?

25:17 / Chapter four introduces sin offerings. Were not the other sacrifices sin offerings? What makes these unique?

30:46 / Sam makes note of how the sin of leaders is treated differently, as well as who does the forgiving of all this sin.

31:59 / Jim points out how actual people are committing actual sin.

33:17 / Where do sacifices go after they’ve been offered?

34:24 / Jim and Sam offer advice on how to make sense of the confusing parts of Leviticus.

37:59 / How ought Leviticus 1-7 make our hearts swell in worship of Jesus?

Resource: Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord? by L. Michael Morales

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