Leviticus 11–15: On Why You Can Step on Bugs and Eat Rock Badger Nuggets—And Still Go to Church (Bible Talk, Ep. 38)

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In Leviticus, uncleanness results from death. That’s the big idea of Leviticus 11–15 and its discussion of chewing the cud, leprosy, and bodily discharges.

Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi about the next section of Leviticus.


1:45 / How should we understand Leviticus 11-15 within the flow of the book?

5:08 / What does it mean to be clean or unclean?

7:45 / Sam adds a third category to consider: clean, unclean, and holy.

10:25 / Is it okay to say we don’t know what makes certain animals clean and unclean to eat?

11:21 / What does “chew the cud” mean?

13:42 / Why do we not have to follow the food restrictions in Leviticus?

15:25 / Jim argues the Mosaic Covenant cannot be divided into moral, civil, and ceremonial laws.

17:22 / Jim strengthens the argument that new covenant believers don’t need to follow Leviticus’ food restrictions.

18:40 / How can we preach Christ from this text?

20:32 / Why is the process for purification shorter when giving birth to a boy than a girl?

21:45 / Sam clarifies the connection between uncleanness and sin.

24:41 / What hope does someone with leprosy have to get back in the camp? 

27:44 / What’s the big idea of this section of Leviticus?

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