Leviticus 16: On the Pinnacle of the Pentateuch (Bible Talk, Ep. 39)

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For a while now, Jim and Sam have been saying that Leviticus 16—the Day of the Atonement—is the theological center of the Torah. In this episode, they finally defend their case.


1:37 / Why is Leviticus 16 the pinnacle of the Pentateuch?

5:05 / Overview comments are made on the chapter.

7:04 / Jim walks us through verses 1-8.

11:45 / Who (or what) is Azazel?

14:31 / How does Aaron make atonement for the second time in the chapter?

17:20 / We reach the climax of the climax, verses 15-16.

22:25 / Jim points out differences between Aaron’s handling of the goat in verse 21 and previous sacrificial experiences.

24:04 / Who is the “man who is in readiness?” What does he do?

25:18 / Sam says this goat ritual is how God can be “forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin” (Ex. 34:7).

27:15 / What’s the reason for all of the post-ceremony rules?

28:40 / Who is atonement made for?

29:55 / Verse 34 says, “This shall be a statute forever for you.” So why don’t we still adhere to the Day of Atonement?


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