Leviticus 8–10: On What the Deaths of Nadab and Abihu Have to Do With Church Membership and Discipline (Bible Talk, Ep. 37)

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At the end of Leviticus 9, it’s almost as if we’ve fixed the problem of sin. But in the very next chapter, the Lord strikes down two priests—Nadab and Abihu—for offering “strange fire.”

In this episode of Bible TalkJim Hamilton, and Sam Emadi chat about Leviticus 8–10.


1:44 / What’s the 35,000-foot view of Leviticus? And how should this book make our hearts swell in affection for Jesus?

3:07 / Leviticus transitions from a list of laws to a narrative in chapter eight. What happens?

4:54 / Jim discusses Moses anointing Aaron. What’s the difference between anointing and consecration?

7:15 / Sam comments on Moses crowning Aaron and the king-priest overlap that becomes a pattern in Scripture.

10:32 / What does it reveal that the priests defile the tabernacle by their own presence?

12:17 / The priests undergo extensive ordination “so that they do not die.” Why?

13:09 / Sam points out how ordination is followed by a meal, which is part of another biblical pattern.

14:24 / Are Aaron and his sons getting their priest permits from God through Moses in Exodus 8?

15:25 / Are they getting their licenses in chapter nine?

16:55 / What’s the significance of the wave offering?

18:14 / What makes Leviticus 9:22-24 a climactic moment in the book?

20:32 / Nadab and Abihu offer “unauthorized fire” in Leviticus 10:1-3, and the Lord consumes them. What should we learn from their mistake?

23:36 / What does it mean that they offered “unauthorized fire?”

25:00 / Jim warns of how we could read this story wrongly.

27:25 / Jim connects the phrase “so that you do not die” to Leviticus 18:5, which reads, “You shall therefore keep my statues and my rules; if a person does them, he shall live by them: I am the Lord.” Is this work-based salvation?

30:15 / What does it mean that “Aaron held his peace?” (Lev. 10:3)

31:51 / What does Aaron’s duty to distinguish between the holy and common, and clean and unclean, have to do with church membership? (Lev. 10:10)

35:59 / What makes something holy or common, clean or unclean?

38:08 / What happens between Moses and Aaron at the end of chapter 10?

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Image: Nadab en Abihu door vlammen gedood, by Jan Luyken

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