Numbers 1–4: On Kohath, Gershon, & Merari—Israel’s Best Furniture Store (Bible Talk, Ep. 43)

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By the time we get to the beginning of Numbers, Israel is poised to take the Promised Land. But first, they need to receive their marching orders.


1:35 / Where are the people of Israel as Leviticus stops and Numbers starts?

2:40 / Where are we are Torah readers? What has Moses accomplished through the first three books of the Bible?

3:51 / How does Numbers advance the story of God’s covenant with Israel?

7:15 / Why does Numbers begin with a census?

8:03 / Has there been any hint earlier in the Torah that Israel would be engaging in large-scale warfare? 

8:45 / What can we learn from the tribes of Israel and their populations?

14:31 / Who is the tribe who does not enlist in Israel’s army and why?

17:35 / What’s the arrangement of Israel’s military unit, and why does it matter?

20:08 / How are the Levities’ tabernacle duties Adam-like? How do they inform how the priesthood of all believers lives today?

21:51 / Sam breaks down the three clans within the tribe of Levi.

23:58 / How does Numbers 4 connect to the overall duties of the priesthood?

25:40 / How would you preach Christ from this passage?

Image: The Israelites Passing through the Wilderness, Preceded by the Pillar of Light, by William West (1793–1861)

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