Numbers 12–14: On Israel’s Disastrous Attempt to Reverse the Exodus (Bible Talk, Ep. 46)

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There’s no way around it: these chapters are grim. Moses’ siblings turn on him, the Israelites want to stone him, and the Lord seems ready to end the covenant.

How did we get here? Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi about Numbers 12–14.


1:52 / Why are Aaron and Miriam so mad at Moses?

6:05 / What does the Lord say to Aaron and Miriam about their complaints against Moses?

10:49 / Sam makes observations about Aaron and Miriam’s rebellion.

12:07 / How does the Lord judge Miriam?

13:08 / In our familiarity with the story of Israel spying out the Promised Land, what shouldn’t we miss? 

16:12 / What good do the Israelite spies see?

16:56 / Why isn’t that good good enough for the spies?

20:13 / Jim encourages fixation on the Word of God.

21:21 / How do the people of Israel react to the spies’ report? 

22:43 / How do Caleb and Joshua respond?

24:19 / What does the Lord say about Israel’s rebellion?

27:28 / How does Moses intercede for Israel?

30:02 / How is this low point in Israel’s history resolved?

35:00 / What pastoral applications should we take away from these events?

39:39 / What can we learn about repentance from Israel’s downfall?


43:45 / In Numbers 12:3, Moses writes, “Now the man Moses was very meek, more than all people who were on the face of the earth.” Why would a meek person write that about themselves?

Image: Moses and the Messengers from Canaan, Giovanni Lanfranco (1582 – 1647), Getty Center

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