Numbers 15–16: On the Absurdity of Theonomy, the Corrupting Nature of J.Crew Sponsorship, and Korah’s Rebellion (Bible Talk, Ep. 47)

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Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi about Numbers 15–16. They cover Korah’s Rebellion, the absurdity of theonomy, and . . . more laws about purification and the priesthood? Why!?


1:05 / Why did the Lord depart from Israel in Numbers 14?

1:53 / Why does Numbers 15 return to discussions of purification, sacrificial, and unintentional sin-laws?

4:12 / Why is it important to remember that all of these sacrifices are fulfilled in Christ?

6:06 / Sam gives a high-level view of Numbers 15.

9:23 / What does the difference between unintentional and “high-handed” sins reveal?

11:45 / How would a theonomist read passages like the Sabbathbreaker being executed? Where do they err?

13:48 / What is noteworthy about the Lord’s commandments to make tassels?

17:03 / Where is the line of Koran from?

18:03 / Why do Korah and others rebel?

22:43 / What is Moses’ test?

25:00 / How does Moses’ test work itself out?

28:26 / How does God judge in these matters?

30:12 / Jim argues fear of the Lord looks like appropriate respect for authorities God has placed over you. 

31:38 / How might chapter 16 (and 17) be the center of the book of Numbers?

34:21 / Does Aaron make a bloodless atonement for Israel’s latest rebellion?

36:12 / Jesus?

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